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About Championship

Championship Structure


The Thermal Management Systems Case Study Championship for students is an annual flagship championship to be organized by SAE Northern India Section (SAENIS) in collaboration with various industries.

Our objective is to bring all the young engineering minds from academia and industry together and provide them the common platform to solve and showcase the approach to some of the thermal engineering challenges that industry confronts today. Our mission is to cultivate, nurture and strengthen the engineering talents in our country and brainstorm together to solve the industrial problems.

Eligibility and Registration

• All individuals from thermal design & engineering disciplines are eligible to participate in the competition.

• Participants are required to register on the link to be shared separately.

• At least one member registration is mandatory for each participating team wherein, each team would consist of up to four members including faculty member. Individual team can take guidance from industrial professionals as well.

• Event would comprise of presentation and virtual demonstration by participating teams.

Assessment and Rewards

The competition consists of three rounds as mentioned below:

  • Round 1 : Overall outline of the solution to be submitted;
  • Round 2 : Final solution of the problem statement in terms of mathematical modeling needs to be submitted;
  • Round 3 : Thermal simulator design to demonstrate the solution.
  • Each team will have to pay nominal registration fee of INR 4000 (Excluding GST).
  • Top 3 solutions, selected by the "Jury" would be awarded with the cash prize & goodies
  • The top 3 teams will get an opportunity to present their case study at SAENIS TTTMS Conference-2022.

Prize Details:

Winner: INR 40,000 + Winning Trophy + Certificates

1st Runner Up: INR 25,000 + Certificates

2nd Runner Up: INR 10,000 + Certificates

Problem Statement

Heating Strategy for Passenger Electric Vehicle

Detailed Description & Targets (Refer Rulebook for Detailed Description):

1. Event Outline – The championship is divided into 3 rounds

1.1. Round 1 (Solution Outline): Each team has to analyze the problem statement thoroughly to provide the best possible solution of the problem statement titled as "Heating Strategy for Passenger Electric Car". Each team will be provided with problem statement, passenger car cabin input data & the boundary conditions to predict the heating & cooling requirement in the cabin. Each team is supposed to work out the solution. The team are supposed to submit the overall layout of the solution along with the strategy. The team with the best solution outline/strategy will be selected for the round 2. The first-round evaluation will be done based on the following parameters:

1.1.1. Concept Clarity

1.1.2. Best Solution Layout/strategy (Problem approach strategy)

1.1.3. Flow chart for the solution to be submitted

1.1.4. Boundary Conditions Clarity

1.2. Round 2

Part 1: Mathematical Modelling (65% Weightage): The team with the best strategy with the detailed mathematical & analytical calculations will be selected for the final round. The criteria for the round 2 evaluation will be as follows:

1.2.1. Overall Understanding & Formulation

1.2.2. Detailed Thermal Engineering Analysis

1.2.3. Detailed Mathematical Calculation & Modeling

1.2.4. Logical explanation with the real-life solution, which can be implemented directly on the actual vehicle

1.2.5. Proper documentation of the work done with the strict adherence to the rule

1.2.6. Solution with zero plagiarism

1.2.7. Only solution, which can be implemented on the vehicle directly, without any deviation from the boundary conditions.

Part 2: Solution Validation on a Thermal Simulator (35% Weightage): Each team is supposed to perform the virtual simulation of the solution submitted to validate it. The thermal simulation will be done on the available software or self-developed analytical tool/program. There is no limitation on the software name, which will be used for the virtual simulation, however it is suggested to simulate in either MATLAB or Simulink or EES or KULI or GTSUITE or Simerics-MP+ or COMSOL or Ansys or self-developed analytical tool etc, for easier process. Each team will be responsible for the simulation & simulation tools and the final analysis is supposed to be mandatorily submitted to the organizing committee for final evaluation. The top 3 team with the best strategy & the best simulation analysis on the simulator will be selected for the final presentation at SAENIS TTTMS Conference-2022 at Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.

1.3. Round 3 (Presentation at SAENIS TTTMS Conference 2022 | Final Round): At the conference, out of all 3 teams, the final winner will be declared by the jury at the conference based on the overall presentation & in-depth understanding of the problem.

1.4. Important Note

1.4.1. The passenger car cabin input data will be provided by the organizing committee (Refer Annexure A).

1.4.2. The boundary conditions for the problem statement will be provided by the organizing committee (Refer Annexure B).

1.5 Report Submission

1.5.1 The solution submission of the problem statement will be done by each team via online mode. The team has to email the final report at In case of any assistance, the team can contact the event coordinator at (+91) 8433235236.

Nov 16 - 19, 2022 (GMT +05:30)

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Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
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SAENIS TTTMS - Case Study Championship Registration Fee

1 Ticket Capacity: Upto 4 attendees including Faculty Mentor



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