SAENIS TTTMS Conference & Exhibition stands out as the annual flagship event, meticulously organized by the SAE Northern India Section in collaboration with SAE International. This conference serves as a pivotal gathering that unites industry experts, policymakers, and academia to illuminate and address the pressing issues, cutting-edge technological trends, and advancements in thermal management systems within the automotive industry.

The Think Tank for Thermal Management Systems (TTTMS), operating in partnership with the SAE Northern India Section (SAENIS), provides a dedicated platform to navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of automotive thermal management systems.

In the current landscape of the global automotive industry, we find ourselves on the brink of a transformative shift driven by innovation and technological progress. The Indian automobile sector, a cornerstone of the country's economy, plays a crucial role in fostering growth, delivering affordable mobility solutions, enhancing consumer confidence, and bolstering global standing. With a substantial contribution of 7.1% to the nation's GDP, directly employing 8 million individuals and indirectly supporting over 29 million people through intricate linkages, the Indian automotive industry holds a significant position. Noteworthy achievements include being the largest producer of 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers, the second-largest heavy bus producer, the fourth-largest heavy truck and car producer, and the seventh-largest light commercial vehicle producer globally. Ambitiously looking ahead, the industry aspires to become the world's third-largest by 2026, contributing a commendable 10% to India's GDP.

If you harbor an interest in staying abreast of the current and contemporary technological advancements and trends in thermal management systems for automotive applications, we invite you to join us at the conference. Engage in expert talks and participate in panel discussions featuring insights from both industrial and academic veterans. Your presence will contribute to the collective exploration of these crucial topics.

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